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Sarah at Christmas

Thursday, March 15, 2018

A Bouquet for Bonnie

Hi Friends,

I've got great news for you.

I'm excited! Bonnie McCune has a new book out, and it promises to be a best seller.


A feisty single mom clashes with an ex-military, macho corporate star at a business retreat in the wild Colorado mountains, where only one can win a huge prize. But when a massive flood imperils
their love and survival, they learn the meaning of true partnership.

Bonnie McCune,

"Never Retreat"
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My Family of Heroes.

What makes a hero? My daughter’s one. Yesterday, driving through downtown Denver, she spotted a woman bent over, clutching her chest. My family is made up of heroes, and she is one of them. She leaped from her car, and went into action. She asked the stranger if she needed help, then called 911. She stayed with the victim and on the line with the paramedics until they arrived. The lady had turned blue by that time.

The thing strange to her was that although hundreds of people passed on the crowded sidewalk, not one stopped to offer assistance. Not a surprise to me. Years ago I learned of a concept called “diffusion of responsibility” or “bystander effect.” This social psychology theory was developed after the murder of Kitty Genovese in New York, during which many in the crowded neighborhood heard her cries for help but didn’t take action.
The idea—the more people around an emergency, the less likely anyone will help. “Let someone else do it.”

When I learned of this concept, I vowed never to fall victim to it. And my entire family subscribes to the approach. My husband, two children, two grandchildren, and myself have all stepped in to offer emergency assistance. By my count, we’ve saved about eight lives as well as rescuing numerous others from lesser crises. That’s why we’re a family of heroes.
We don’t have superpowers. We’re not outstanding athletes or geniuses. We’re ordinary, not extraordinary. But extraordinary things happen to us, and they can happen to you.
The first and most essential quality of a hero is simply for a person to be willing to step forward and take charge and responsibility. Sure, other things are important: ability to stay calm, rational thinking, empathy. But none of those matter unless you realize you have to act.

Check it out. Next time you hear about a person who was heroic, see if he just acted, rather than waiting for someone else to be a leader.

Book Blurb:

Years ago, Ramona (“Raye”) Soto faced harsh reality when a roving conman knocked her up. Now, at thirty-something, she’s concentrating on her career with a major telecommunications firm and funding college for her teenaged son. Enter Desmond Emmett—a fast talker and smooth operator. New to the office, the ex-serviceman possesses every negative quality in a guy Raye should avoid. 

Thrown together at a corporate retreat in the wilderness, the reluctant duo struggles to complete management’s extreme mental and physical tests for a huge reward. But only one can win the prize, and Des needs the money to underwrite medical treatments for his adored younger sister.

See-sawing between attraction and antagonism, the mismatched couple faces their biggest challenge: learning the meaning of true partnership. When a massive flash flood sweeps down the rocky canyon and threatens their love and survival, they must put aside their differences to rescue their colleagues—and their future as a couple.


Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Deer: Other Side

Do you sometimes feel like the lonely deer in this picture?

He's wishing he could be with the herd. 

What happened? Did they push him out? Ignore him? Bully him?  He got lost? Not a single deer on the other side seems to want him with them. They are too busy to notice this guy who needs help.

Many people feel like this deer. Left out. Lonely. Ignored. Wishing. 

How often have we been in the middle of the herd and overlooked a need? A longing?

When I was a wee child,  I often felt left out by the "smarter, prettier girls, the in-crowd." 

Then a magazine came my way. Yes, I've always been a big reader...even as a little kid. This article said anyone could say "hello." I decided right then and there that if I couldn't be anything else, I would be friendly. No one had to feel left out if I was around.

Look up friends. Don't keep your head down. It's time to help someone you know.

You never know when a simple hello will be the best word that person hears.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Kings, Queens and Other Things.

I'd be scared to approach a king sitting on a throne.

No one would allow me to approach Queen Elizabeth either.

No way could I get into the Oval Office.

But I know one important, the most important place I can go.

God's Throne.

I've been there many times.

I go by way of the cross.

The Cross allows me access.

God allows all to approach Him.

Amazing, isn't it?

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Soar Like an Eagle

Photo: Pixabay

I saw an awesome, inspiring video about the eagle.

The amazing bird senses when a storm is coming.
He flies to the highest tree and waits.

When the winds hit, he lifts his giant wings.
The squall elevates him and he soars.

He doesn't escape the storm.

He flies above it!

But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. --Isaiah 40:31 NIV


Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Flowers in My Garden

Lanissa, Christy, Shelley

I have three beautiful flowers in my garden. 

Today is Shelley, the firstborn's, birthday.

She was such a sweet child, extremely smart and she made us laugh with her humor.

She's still a sweet adult, but dementia is stealing her mind and personality.

So I'm sad today. Sharing about her is difficult too. But my posts are for faith and humor. Although there is no humor in a sad story such as hers, we have faith in the sunrise of tomorrow.

Many of you know the heartache of Alzheimer's attacking a parent. Few of us experience it with our children, however, parents have had to bury children from disease or accident. It isn't easy, is it? 

God never promised easy. Just His Presence.

Sometimes, on a dark night, finding His Presence is difficult, but He is there. When you can't see Him, feel Him, or hear Him, He is still there. Trust that fact.

When we hurt, He hurts too. He knows the pain that comes with the death of a Son. Trust that fact.

All of us endure hardships at times, and they can make us stronger. Or not. 

My hope for all of us is to grow our faith when life knocks us down. My prayer is that we always find a way to smile or chuckle in spite of tears.

Do you know this song? As I write this, it came to mind. 

God's Tomorrow

by A. H. Ackley

God's tomorrow is a day of gladness
And its joys shall never fade
No more weeping, no more sense of sadness
No more foes to make afraid
God's tomorrow, God's tomorrow
Ev'ry cloud will pass away
At the dawning of that day
God's tomorrow, no more sorrow
For I know that God's tomorrow
Will be better than today!
God's tomorrows is a day of greeting
We shall see the Savior's face
And our longing hearts await the meeting
In that holy, happy place
God's tomorrow is a day of glory
We shall wear the crown of life
Sing thro' countless years love's old, old story
Free for ever form all strife

Saturday, March 3, 2018


What the fish said after gulping down Jonah.

"I just had a tasty morsel. whose next?"

Poor old Jonah. 
He wasn't sleeping with the fishes, 
he was swimming around in the belly of one.

Moral of the meal

If you run from God, 
you never know where you'll end up.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Joy in the Morning

No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn. - Hal Borland

No winter lasts forever.

The last two and a half years have been really rough for the Lewis household. Have they been that way for you too?

Sometimes it seems winter and darkness will never end. 

But it does. 

It may not be here on this earth, and we've had wonderful times down here, but Christians are promised a future more glorious and bright than anything we've ever experienced on earth.

2 Corinthians 4: 17-18 “For our present troubles are small and won’t last very long.  Yet they produce for us a glory that vastly outweighs them and will last forever.  So we don’t look at the troubles we can see now; rather, we fix our gaze on things that cannot be seen.  For the things we see now will soon be gone, but the things we cannot see will last forever.” --New Living Translation.

Isn't that a happy, optimistic verse? The words give us hope while we strive during wintry days.

The weather here in Texas is beautiful today. Warm and sunny, but it  isn't spring. Winter lasts a few more weeks.

The official date for spring is March 21.

Will my life turn to daffodils and sunshine on that day?


We have months and maybe years ahead that promise heartache, trouble, and sadness. Our daughter is ill, and we are painfully watching her deteriorate.

But during these times of stress, heartbreak, and grief, God will be faithful. Rainy days are ahead of me, but the violent storms of today make me cherish the sunny ones of tomorrow.

Beautiful sunrises don't appear every morning, but when I see one, I stop, admire, and appreciate it.

And then it disappears.

To return another day.

Remember that song, "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands?"  I remind myself that He does have my world in His Hands. Seasons come and go. Events in my life change. He remains constant.

On some future day, I'll be down and almost out. I'm gonna call up this blog and remind myself of these words I've written. We must encourage ourselves from time to time, and I hope those times are few for you.