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Sarah at Christmas

Sarah at Christmas

Monday, March 27, 2017

Is There a Snake in Your Garden?

We all have them. Sometimes we see them, and at other times, they're under a rock.

They like to hide and strike when you are vulnerable.

Satan and snakes. These two have a lot more in common than the letter "s" in their names.

Watch out for both. They're deadly, and they strike before you know they are there.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Who Got Your Goat?


A pastor here in Houston recently said he was going to retire to the hill country and become a goat herder.

I said, "After all these years of taking care of sheep, you're gonna switch to the goats?"

He thought he would live on a hill with animals, but he's still with people. Good analogy though.

Before we become sheep, we're all goats. 

Jesus is the good shepherd. Transform from a goat to a sheep, and let Him take care of you.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Bluebonnet Time in Texas

Dale Lewis captured this beautiful picture of Texas Bluebonnets. They are an eye feast of tranquility.

I just got back from Austin.  They yellows, red, pinks, and of course the blues are in full bloom. If you have a chance to drive Texas highways, you should.

Better yet, stray off on a path and make new discoveries.  You'll enjoy the trip.

All my books are set in Texas. Sarah, the dyslexic angel, has come to our state many times, and loves the vibrant colors the Creator gave Texas, but she never learns her way around. She's dyslexic and this causes a problem. Kind Texans help her with directions. We are a friendly bunch down here and greet strangers with a smile. Especially ones from The Heavenlies.

Pick up a Sarah book. You can order print from book stores, or go on line to any of your favorite ordering sites. Sarah will make you smile.  Sarah: A Mission of Love is the first in the series, but you don't need to read them in order. They are available in eBook, print and some are in audio.

Give the world your smile today.

Monday, March 20, 2017

She thought about this at church?

Sarah went to church yesterday and did a no no. She didn't worship. She drooled. What over? Shoes, of course.  She saw a lady walk gracefully down the aisle in these things, and Sarah was filled with envy. She had to kneel barefooted to confess her thoughts.

Aren't these black heels adorable? Platforms too. So lovely. Sarah loves heels.

Here's a pair Sarah bought  for herself, but she hasn't learned to walk in them.

Shoes are her weakness.  She usually travels barefoot as she zooms through the skies, but when masquerading as a human lady, she wants to wear cute, high heels.

Sarah is petite and thinks these thingies will make her look tall and elegant.

But she never appears elegant when she falls down in them.

Here's and excerpt from 
Sarah and the Scary Ferris Wheel

Sarah has hidden beneath the table as Brittany and Robert have a romantic dinner.

While she ate, Sarah kept glancing at Brittany’s shoes.  My stars!  Those heels were cute. They weren’t red, but green was nice too.

As she polished off the potato and thought about the stilettos, the server brought the couple's order to the table. “Is there anything else I can get for you?”

“How about refilling our water? I guess we’re thirsty tonight.”

“Certainly sir.”  

With water glasses filled, and her charges eating their meal, Sarah finished her own food and eyed the shoes once more. Wonder if she could walk in them?  No one would see her under here.  No, she really shouldn’t.  Oh why not?  It was an ideal chance to wear those thingies, and she wanted to so badly.

She grew from her inch size to stand about a foot tall—short enough to wear six inchers without banging her head on the table.  She then slipped her feet into Brittany's heels. Wow! They felt incredible. 

After taking a few small steps, her heart rate increased with newfound confidence.  This hidden area made an ideal location for acquiring new earthly skills.  She placed a hand on her hip and pretended to be a runway model.

Unbelievable.  This was heaven under a table.

Uh-oh.  Get a grip. Stop the ankles from wobbling. Could she be falling? No! Not again.
In an effort to break the tumble, Sarah grabbed the white tent with both hands and fell flat on her bottom—pulling the tablecloth down with her. Dishes of food and glasses of water plunged into the laps of her charges.

“Wha…” Brittany yelped as she pushed her chair back.

“Holy Mackerel” Robert picked fish out of his trousers.

With hot cheeks that had to be red if anyone saw them, Sarah vanished.

Sarah floated high above the couple as they returned to the hospital parking lot to retrieve their vehicles, they swung hands and laughed about the restaurant experience.

Glancing down at her clothing, Brittany shook her head. “Why is it that a date with you requires extra laundry when I get home?”

“Beats me. And that poor server.  He had to turn in that fish order again.  Did you see his face?  He was mortified.”

“It wasn’t his fault.” Brittany broke up again with laughter. “Actually I can’t imagine how it happened.”

Sarah squeezed her eyes shut.  She knew how it had come about.  So did the Superiors.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Do You Miss Her?

How long has it been since you read a Sarah book?

Even if you finished one yesterday, it's time to start another Sarah book! She's so cute, right? Funny and inspirational. How can you not identify with her? She makes as many goofs as humans do.

I loved writing the Christmas story. Josiah is a real macho, Texas cowboy hunk. Evan though it's spring time, you'll enjoy this one.

Sarah and a Midnight Cruise to Catalina Island is based on my true adventure of taking that same cruise. I went alone, and the trip was a healing experience for me. My dad had just died and I felt overwhelmed. Having meals and pampering was just the thing I needed. I loved writing the Sarah parts of this book, but I don't like writing about evil spirits, even though they exist. Sarah encounters one in this book. The results are riotous. 

If you read book one (All Sarah books are stand alone. You don't need to read in order, but if you read book one, this one is a short story as a follow up. Wouldn't you like to know what happened to Tom and Marcy?

You have other choices. You'll find them all on Amazon Just type in my name. Gay N. Lewis

Sunday, March 12, 2017

A Christmas Card Church

I love churches like the one pictured on the cover of this bulletin. I wish I could go to one like that. I love the steeple.

The nostalgic picture reminds me of an old time religion. Nothing fancy. Just sweet people inside a simple, humble sanctuary. Worshiping.

What's your church like? Do you go to one in a strip mall? Or do you go to one of those super churches? Some are big enough for teams to play football inside.

Isn't this one lovely?

You know, it really doesn't matter what the building looks like,  where it is, or how small it is. Just go and worship.

"As for me and my house, we'll serve the Lord." A quote from Joshua. Well.........................

as for me and my house, we'll serve, but I wish we could do it in that church pictured above. Singing the old hymns with a piano and organ.  My church's building isn't pretty, certainly not fancy, but it's my place of worship, but I'll be there.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Meet Sarah

When a blonde, blue-eyed, dyslexic angel arrives from The Heavenlies to locate a mate for Tom by Valentine’s Day, she’s havoc in outlandish red stilettos. But despite numerous goofs in her efforts—many caused by her passion for eccentric footwear the other angels would never dare adorn—love is indeed in the air.

After Marcy Montgomery’s husband was killed in Afghanistan, she relocated to a small, central Texas town with Hope, her five-year-old daughter. When Sarah accidentally introduces Tom to Marcy, she sets about discovering if the two would make suitable mates. The Superiors certainly wouldn’t approve of a romantic link between the wrong people. But Hope wants a father, and when the five-year-old meets Tom, she immediately decides he is the perfect candidate.

Is Tom the right one for Marcy? Or has Sarah made her biggest blunder of all? Oh merciful heavens! What’s an angel to do?

Beautiful, talented, and stubborn, architect Laney Taylor battles her attraction to the handsome and wealthy—but mulish—homebuilder, Cannon Carlson. After all, he is her employer, and business and pleasure don’t mix, do they? 

Sarah, a klutzy, perpetually direction-challenged angel who craves cheeseburgers and fancies red stilettos, is sent to Houston on assignment. She’s to bring these obstinate people together, but she faces major challenges, especially since Laney is threatened by a mysterious stalker who plans to kill her.

To protect Laney, the Commander of Heaven dispatches a second, more seasoned warrior angel, Tomas, to Earth with divine instructions to protect Laney. But will hit-or-miss Sarah get in his way? Can Sarah unite Cannon and Laney romantically together?

Oh merciful heavens! What will Sarah do this time?

Widow Beth Marsh is not only beautiful, but wealthy enough to buy a third-world country. When she enters the dating arena to find companionship, two men profess an interest in her…but is it Beth they want, or are they out to get her money?

Watching from the Heavenlies, the Superiors dispatch Heaven’s Little Love Angel to Houston during the Christmas holidays. Sarah’s mission is to help the lady determine which of her suitors is the genuine article. Is black-haired Bryan Wingate the real deal? Or is good-looking Charles Chadwick the more earnest suitor?

When Beth invites human-disguised Sarah to attend a wedding, the delighted angel looks forward to an opportunity to wear a beautiful formal gown, and maybe—at long last—red stilettos! But Sarah’s mission becomes deadly serious when she discovers Beth’s life is in danger. If Sarah fails in her mission, Tomas, the Warrior Angel, will intercede. Determined to keep her human charge safe from gold diggers and save Tomas the trouble, the little love angel steps up her efforts.

But Sarah wouldn’t be Sarah without a few bungles along the way...